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Custom: When only the best will do, custom wine cellar components allow for a unique layout, exclusively designed for your wine cellar. Full bottle depth 13-1/2” racking, no height restrictions and multitude of storage options, unfinished All-Heart Redwood custom racking has the strength to support height and weight needed to store wine. The enduring beauty and functionality of this custom designed racking can be cherished for years…
These are some of the storage options available: individual bottle, double deep, 15 degree reveal, angle and radius curved corners, 45-degree angles, 90-degree corners, magnum and large format storage, vertical displays, mini and quarter round shelves, single and double-sided waterfalls, diamond bins (individual and bulk), diamond cubes, fixed wood cases, adjustable shelves, pull out drawers, and sliding wood shelves. Variations of crown and base molding can be incorporated: standard, built-up, beaded, dentil and grand. Thing about other architectural features, such as: arches, paneling, glass racks, cabinetry, tabletops, lighting, ladders, and doors – many, many more amenities are available…
Custom Components Examples
15 Degree
Magnum Size or Larger
Diamond Bins with Face Trim
Diamond Cubes with Face Trim
Individual Diamond Bins
Cardboard Case
Pull-Out Shelves
Though a wonderful choice, All-Heart Redwood is not the only wood! Available as stock options, try these different woods: Select Poplar, Red Oak, Amber Blaze, or African Mahogany. In addition, custom racking can also be further customized with different stains to match the home décor: Light Danish, Dark Walnut, Classic Mahogany, and Midnight Black. A detailed finish can extend to Lacquer, reminiscent of high gloss furniture or Rustic*, enchanced rugged beauty of the Southwest. If this is not enough, our exotic wood collection consists of Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Purple Heart. * Only available in All-Heart Redwood and Red Oak.

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